Thermo Scientific Benchtop Meter 720A

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Thermo Scientific Benchtop Meter 720A

With dual electrode inputs, the Model 720Aplus allows two measurements at the same time which is perfect for a busy, multi-user laboratory.




        Use up to 5 standards for calibration

        Dual channels for multiple analyses

        Meet GLP requirements with GLPdoc

        Measure pH with ROSS resolution to 0.001 pH units

        pH auto calibration feature recognizes five pH buffers using built-in buffer/temperature tables

        Express concentration results to three significant digits

        Full five point concentration calibration with automatic blank correction improves results of low level measurements

        User prompting walks you through each meter operation

        You can store data using the internal datalogger or print data using the RS232 interface

        Three year warranty


The GLPdoc records calibration parameters such as slope, temperature, mV of standards, and time and date of calibration.  This provides a convenient record-keeping system compatible with "Good Laboratory Practices."



+/- 0.002

pH Range

-2.00 to 19.999



Calibration Points





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